MINIS by Rosa Bayés 2012                  Sold! Vendidos!


*Cute little one from beautiful kit "Saoirse" by Bonnie Brown

*Graciosa pequeñuela a partir del  kit "Saoirse" by Bonnie Brown



*Another version of "Estelle" by Evelina Wosnjuk is looking to you

*Otra versión de "Estelle" de Evelina Wosnjuk te está mirando



*And her is my "Buggy" by Bonnie Brown...isn't she cute?


*Y esta es mi "Buggy" deBonnie Brown...¿a que es mona?



*Now a handsom boy, "Maurice" by Evelina Wosnjuk

*Ahora un chico guapo, "Maurice" de Evelina Wosnjuk



*Again a sweet "Nina" sculpted by Gudrun Legler

*Una vez más una dulce "Nina" esculpida por Gudrun Legler 



*She's from Sandra White's "Paige" sculpt

*Ella partió de la escultura "Paige" de Sandra White




*One sleeping and one awake, twin girls from the sculpts "Tania" and "Kyra" by Gudrun Legler

*Una dormida y la otra despierta, gemelas de las esculturas "Tania" y "Kyra" de Gudrun Legler 



*A tiny one from "Julie", the Evelina Wosnjuk's kit

*Un pequeñín de "Julie", el kit de Evelina Wosnjuk's 




*Even smallers, "Mini Florian" and "Mini Flora" by Gudrun Legler

*Más pequeños todavía, "Mini Florian" y "Mini Flora" de Gudrun Legler 



*From famous sculpt "Sera" by Adrie Stoete

*De la famosa escultura "Sera" de Adrie Stoete 



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