MINIS by Rosa Bayés 2014               Sold!    Vendidos!


*"Ofelia", from Olga Auer scuplt, is a newborn elf...I hope you like her 

*"Ofelia", de la escultura de Olga Auer, es un elfo recién nacido...espero que os guste



*Beautiful "Esme", from the same name scuplt by Laura Lee Eagles

*La preciosa "Esme", de la escultura del mismo nombre de Laura Lee Eagles



*"Quinlynn" by Laura Lee Eagles, the most cute ever!

*"Quinlynn" de Laura Lee Eagles, ¡la más bonita!



*"Will" by sculpter Natalie School...what a cute boy! 

*"Will" de la escultora Natalie School...¡qué chico tan guapo!



*Tiny girl from "Pixie" by Bonnie Brown 

*Chiquitina del kit "Pixie" de Bonnie Brown



*Another precious girl with the sculpt "Lilian" by Gudrun Legler

*Otra preciosa niña con la escultura "Lilian" de Gudrun Legler



*She was my keeper for long time! From "Linus" by Gudrun Legler sculpt

*¡Fue mi niña durante mucho tiempo! De la ecultura "Linus" de Gudrun Legler



*A boy from "Caspar" by Christa Goëtzen

*Un niño a partir de "Caspar" de Christa Goëtzen 



*So newborn! She is from "Cassie", a sculpt by Alicia Toner

*¡Tan recién nacida! Hecha partiendo de "Cassie", una escultura de Alicia Toner



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